The Stoneground

Birch Street, Gorton, Manchester

A vague prototype attempt to list who played The Stoneground and when.
Codged together in an attempt to give some structure to often strangely vague memories.

The dates are linked to WWW evidence for the gig.
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28th December 1971
Judas Priest


Fri 12 April 1972
Climax Blues Band (advert in Melody maker 13/4/72) [GR]

Fri 6 October 1972
Flamin' Groovies, Bronco [GR], Unicorn [M-S]

Sat 7 October 1972
Medicine head, Writing On The Wall [GR], Walrus [M-S]

8th October 1972
Caravan - support: Fusion Orchestra

Wed 11 October
Mahatma Kane Jeeves [GR]

15th October 1972
Budgie Sat 21 October
Stackridge [M-S]

November 1972
Badger - Failed to appear

Fri 10 November
Flamin' Groovies, Bronco, Flesh [GR]

Sat 11 November
UFO, Writing On The Wall, Walrus [GR]

Wed 15 November
Raccoon [GR]

Thur 16 Nov Jade Warrior [GR]

Fri 17th November 1972
The Sutherland Brothers & Quiver, Budgie , Fruup [GR]

Saturday 18th November 1972
Patto, with Collusion and Angel Dust [GR]

Sun 19th November
Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come, Skin Alley [M-S], Gary Farr [GR]

Wed 22 Nov Mahatma Kane Jeeves [GR]

23th November Tasavallan Presidentti

Friday 24th November 1972
Mike Moran

Saturday 25th November 1972
Thin Lizzie
Help Yourself

26th November 1972
Morgan with Fusion Orchestra + Mick Greenwood

Wednesday 29th November 1972
Amon Duul II, Snake Eye

November 1972 coming soon :-
JSD Band, Stackridge, MC5, Medicine head, Beggars Opera, Man,
Ellis, East of Eden, Sam Apple Pie, Stray, Plainsong

10th December 1972
Alex Harvey Band, Pink Fairies [M-S]

14th December 1972
Holy Mackerel [M-S]

16th December 1972
Man [M-S]

17th December 1972
Home [M-S]

22nd December 1972
Hackensack [M-S]

Sun 24 December 1972
Fusion Orchestra [GR]

28th December 1972
Judas Priest [M-S]

31st December 1972
Stray [M-S]


a Saturday in 1973 ( and another date )

14th January 1973
Holy Mackerel [M-S]

Fri 19th January 1973
Nazareth [M-S]

Sat 20 Jan 1973
Ellis+Support [GR]

27th January 1973

Arthur Brown

Sat 3 February 1973
Rare Bird + Support (advert in Melody Maker Sat 3 Feb 1973)

Sun 4 February 1973
Warhorse + Support Alias (advert in Melody Maker Sat 3 Feb 1973

Sun 11 Feb 1973
Saturnalia [GR]

Sat 3 Mar 1973
Beggars Opera + Sammy [GR]

Sun 4 Mar 1973
Tucky Buzzard [GR]

Sat 10 Mar 1973
Nazareth [GR]

Sun 11 Mar 1973
Quicksand [GR]

Wed 14 Mar 1973
Can (from Can official website) [GR]

17th March 1973
Pretty Things

Thur 22 Mar 1973
Paul Brett + Hunter Musket [GR]

Sat 24 Mar 1973
Atomic Rooster [GR]

Wed 28 Mar 1973
Wild Turkey [GR]

1st April 1973
Jonesy [M-S]

8th April 1973
Sassafras [M-S]

12th April 1973
Climax Chicago [M-S]

Sat 14 April 1973
Stray [GR]

Wed 18 April 1973
Alex Harvey Band [GR]

Thur 19 April 1973
Wooden Lion [GR]

Sat 28 April 1973
Pink Fairies 50p

Sun 29 April 1973
Alquin [GR]

Wed 2nd May 1973
Daryll Ways' (ex Curved Air) Wolf 40p

Fri 11 May 1973 Brewers Droop [RH]

Sun 13 May 1973
Skin Alley [GR] Wed 16 May 1973
Amon Duul II - Support: ZOE [GR]

20th May 1973
Paul Brett [M-S]

May 23, 1973
Golden Earring - Support act Third world war

27th May 1973
Edgar Broughton Band, [M-S]

28th May 1973
Stackridge [M-S]

1st June 1973
Glencoe [M-S]

6th June 1973
Jackson Heights [M-S]

Saturday 9th June 1973

22nd June 1973
Vinegar Joe [M-S]

23rd June 1973
Jack The Lad [M-S]

27th June 1973
Back Door [M-S]

28th June 1973
Good Habit [M-S]

30th June 1973
Sensational Alex Harvey Band [M-S]

7th July 1973
String Driven Thing [M-S]

8th July 1973
Judas Priest [M-S]

14th July 1973 Stackridge [RH]

27th July 1973
Stray [M-S]

11th August 1973
Ellis [M-S]

18th August 73
Caravan - Support: Savory Duck

2nd September 1973
Gryphon [M-S]

21st September 1973
Marmalade [M-S]

22nd September 1973
Gentle Giant [ tape exists ], support : Wild Turkey [Peter Fairclough]

23rd September 1973
Quicksand [M-S]

September 28, 1973
Golden Earring

29th September 1973
Man, Deke Leonard's Iceberg [M-S]

Sunday 7th October 1973

10th October 1973
Horslips - Happy to Meet'Sorry to Part Tour

12th October 1973
Fruupp [M-S]

13th October 1973
Home [M-S]

26th October 1973
Skin Alley [M-S]

27th October 1973
Edgar Broughton Band [M-S]

31 October 1973

30th November 1973
Sensational Alex Harvey Band [PN]

Saturday 8th December 1973
Gong with Kevin Coyne

12th December 1973

14th December 1973
Trapeze [M-S]

15th December 1973
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver [M-S]

21st December 1973
Man, O [M-S]

22nd December 1973
String Driven Thing [M-S]

28th December 1973
Sam Apple Pie [M-S]

29th December 1973
Silverhead [M-S]

30th December 1973
Beckett [M-S]

31st December 1973
Hackensack [M-S]


5th January 1974
Hookfoot [M-S]

11th January 1974
Savoy Brown [M-S]

19th January 1974
Leo Sayer [M-S]

25th January 1974
Horslips - The Tain Tour

31 January 1974
Pink Fairies [ Photos ] [ Getty Images Getty Images ] , support - Pearl [ Photos ]

1st February 1974
Pink Fairies [M-S]

2nd February 1974
Capability Brown [M-S]

8th February 1974
Caravan [M-S]

15 February 1974

16th February 1974
Heavy Metal Kids [M-S]

20th February 1974

22nd February 1974
Edgar Broughton Band [M-S]

23rd February 1974
Kevin Coyne [M-S]
- walked to and fro across the stage with plimsole balanced on head

2nd March 1974

6th March 74
Hatfield and the North [supporting East Wind] (HaTN not present)

5th April 74
Doctor Hook

6th April 1974
Heavy Metal Kids [M-S]

12th April 1974
Climax Blues Band [M-S]

13th April 1974
Blodwyn Pig [M-S]

14th April 1974
Strife [M-S]

15th April 1974
Fusion Orchestra [M-S]

19th April 1974
Snafu [M-S]

Sat 20 April 19734
Sharks [GR]

27th April 74
?????? dunno - please tell us... and Chris Whittaker has
" I think I might have solved a missing Gig date, 27th April "74", I'm from Blackpool and saw "Osibisa " there in "74", I travelled there by Coach and then a bus"

3 May 1974
Wigwam & Tasavallan Presidentti

4th May 1974
Trapeze [M-S]

11th May 1974
String Driven Thing, Tucky Buzzard [M-S]

17th May 1974
Horslips - May Tour

18th May 1974

24th May 1974

25th May 1974 Hatfield & The North [RH]

Wednesday 5th June 1974
Groundhogs [Steve S's diary]

8th June 1974
Fruupp [M-S]

11th June 1974
Savoy Brown, "Boogie Brothers" line-up

14th June 1974
Silverhead [M-S]

15th June 1974
Nucleus [M-S]

21st June 1974
Cockney Rebel, Be Bop Deluxe [M-S]

22nd June 1974
Wild Turkey [M-S]

28th June 1974
Babe Ruth [M-S]

29th June 1974
Gryphon [M-S]

5th July 1974
Savoy Brown [M-S]

12th July 1974
Nektar, John St Field [M-S]

19th July 1974
Camel [M-S]

20th July 1974
Seventh Wave [M-S]


? ? ? ?


date unknown
Grit Band

dates unknown - but recalled by Ian Mackenzie
Commander Cody and his lost Planet Airmen, Nektar, Mick Abrahams.

Morpeheus Lights + Disco

and the low mounted strobe light that fitfully lit up ones pie.

[GR] = dates courtesy of Graham Reed
rifling through copies of Melody Maker, New Musical Express and Sounds

[M-S] = info from Marmalade-Skies extracted by Paul Nash.

[RH] = Roland Holroyd


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Oh yes!! My infamous brother Geoff (Mr. Boggle) found this site - how brilliant! I was a regular at Stoneground from start to finish. It was the best scene EVER. Thanks to you guys we now know that the fabulous dancer we used to call Bootsie is called Carol. Hi! We used to stumble in, coming up, mesmerised by this mysterious girl, dancing by herself under the alien strobe and u.v. to Yours Is No Disgrace or Faith Healer and she really got us in good vibe mode for the business. And there's mention of people we remember such as Hoppy (bless) who used to hold court in the M.A. and the Mersey Tavern. Brought to mind after so many years is the mad fat baldy beardy beatnik guy who used to roll on the floor tripped out of his head 'cos he couldn't stand up to dance the mighty AD2 with Renate sounding and looking like a fragile strangled angel - Golden Earring with Cesar the gypsy drummer jumping over his kit - Man, reputedly the most stoned band in the world - the early Judas Priest supporting Budgie and blowing them away (no mean feat), we saw them again at Ivanhoe's in Huddersfield where we indulged in a little refreshment with Bob and the boys backstage after the gig - happy daze indeed. The magnificent Alex Harvey (did he smash through his cardboard brick wall?) and Zal with all his regalia on - fantastic!! - the pints that seemed to never empty however much you drank - the food from Brinnington tip - the amusing antics of the DS - a strange unique wonderland we will never see the likes of again. Thanx, people, for getting this site up power to yor elbow an' keep on truckin' right! And.....don't forget to boogie! Stu (Boffy) variously from Ashton and Gee Cross, now an O.A.P.

- Sat Jul 5 04:44:36 BST 2014 from

john mccluskey

- Wed Mar 26 20:26:19 GMT 2014 from
Will dig through my little grey cells
Jock the Jock

- Wed Jan 22 19:53:01 GMT 2014 from
Hi Jackie, Amazing to see your piece. A large part of our lives was taken up by the various clubs and the memories are worth holding on to.Pam and I split up some time after we joined Virgin together. We both remarried and I am living in Sussex with two boys and two girls in their twenties and have another daughter in Cornwall. Graham was trying to get in touch, but the fastest way do it, or anybody else who wants to get in touch, is to use this email address. Cheers, Darrol
darrol edwards

- Sun Sep 15 21:15:31 BST 2013 from
In 74 went to see leo sayer,half drunk by the time he came on, met a girl and was necking with her on the floor when he came on, unfortunately every one stood on the tables and chairs to get a good view, the girl thought I was a great necker but she did not realise I was shouting as my long hair was trapped under a table leg with someone stood on the table.never saw much of him but sounded great. Jim

- Fri Sep 6 21:31:35 BST 2013 from
A mate, little Al, did the food for a time, it wasn't dog food, but you might have been better off if it had been! We got pies from a small pie bakery on Birch Street - can't swear that they didn't use dog meat though, but thinking about it I don't think they used anything of such high value. Leo Sayer did play there but I've no reason to remember the date except that as stated elsewhere it was just after he'd broken into the charts. If I remember rightly he tried to cancel but Graham and Darral wouldn't let him. To say the night was a bit hectic is to understate it. Although I seemed to spend most of my life there the only bands that I remember are Sutherland Brothers and Quiver, Edgar Broughton and Golden Earring and I probably only remember them because of other things that happened on the night. I knew Big Al and Hoppy (what was his friend called who died trying to drag him out of the house) Dave and Cath, who worked the bar, Phil and Helen (where are they now)my partner at the time, Mag, and some of the names here tickle my memory! Rock on.
John Holden

- Fri Sep 6 00:48:05 BST 2013 from
oh god don't know how I came across this site but I am so glad I did. Darrol and Graham I remember you so well. Darrol I first started working for you when you had the Birds Nest in Chadwwell Heath I was good friends with Marianne Harris and I went out with the dj Jock the Rock (Martin McGrath with the stammer). From there went to the Budgie Club (first known as The Growling Two Ton Wooden Legged Budgie Club) haha. I remember getting it ready for the opening night and how we were worrying what it would be like, but it was a great night. Cant remember the band that played that night was it Nazareth. I remember the night Steelers Wheel played they were amazing think they sang stuck in the middle three times. Great memories there do you remember Pink Floyd Mick. We then followed you to Manchester I remember sitting in the office (your home) making appointments to view flats. Graham sure you were there. We got a flat in Aston-under-lyn and if we ever went home to visit family you and Pam used to stay there Tony(Yeti) lived with us as well, I remember Viv and Barb (Graham didn't you use to go out with Barb). I remember Daryl Way from Daryl Way's wolf took a fancy to Viv. There were some great bands Golden Earring used to pack the place out and I love Vinegar Joe. Does anybody know what happened to Viv (Viv Latham) I would love to get in contact with her. Id love to hear back from you Darrol and Graham and I would love to know how Pam is. I went up to Manchester when I was 21, I'm now 61 and apart from having my three sons it was one of the best times of my life . Jackie

- Tue Aug 20 23:53:41 BST 2013 from
The Genesis of Stoneground

1971 Chris Claxton & I had the idea to open a "ROCK" club in Manchester.. well! London had the Roundhouse ( we used to go there every Sunday ) Manchester had nothing.
We had no money & no experience so why not.
The Southern Sporting Club had be closed for a long time and was for rent. Arthur Gould owned the place ( he used to own Sinatra's in Failsworth that place burned down, Jewish Lightening, now seeing the photos of the Corona burnt down I can't help wondering if it struck again)
Anyway Arthur agreed to lease us the place, so we got the financial backing ( for what it was worth) from a money guy from London named Reggie & his side kick Ken a carpet salesman from Chester.
SIDENOTE ( They had funded a door to door sales business that Chris owned , we used to go door to door selling paintings. We claimed we painted them but really we got them from a cash & carry warehouse in Salford.
We must have sold 50 "orange sunset" paintings in one housing estate in St Helens in 5 days. We got exposed in the Sun or Mirror and that put an end to that Reggie funded money scheme)
Off we went , got the licence transferred to my name , and got to work renovating ????? the place . Lots of black paint and black lights ,cleaned the place up as best we could with no money .
Got Whitbread's brewery in and opened up. It started slow but was a lot of fun , Chris booking the bands &me running the bar. John Rushby from Paper Chase a really great DJ.
It never made money at the start, in hindsight the booking agents were screwing us . But with no experience I guess it had to happen. Not sure of the time frame but we were losing money thru our total lack of business experience. Anyway Reggie( the money guy) bought in Darrol & Pam from London along with Dylan & Sheba their 2 BIG German Shepards to bring in the experience. Chris & I were given the choice work with them or leave, I stayed Chris left (under protest).
Pam & Darrol were great to work with, looking back I don't know how they did it, living in that office with the 2 dogs next to the smelly mens wash room 8 getting take out from that little greasy spoon on Hyde Rd.

The rest you have pretty much covered on your site. So many really great memories , so many great bands , staff & friends. You and the readers' comments have rekindled memories of that amazing time in my life.

I moved to Toronto in Dec 1976 which is now where I live. If I remember any more bands I'll drop you a line .

If you are in touch with Darrol please say hello & give him my best wishes , feel free to give him my e-mail address is he would like it.

Yours really really truly , Graham Crompton
(on behalf of) Graham Crompton

- Tue Jul 23 13:25:04 BST 2013 from

Hi again , it's me Graham the "manager" . You have done an amazing job compiling the list of bands . I did have a desk diary that listed all the bands dates amount paid to them & how many people showed up. Sadly it disappeared when I split up with my X . But reading thru all the comments from so many people Oh the memories, yes it was a dump ( in retrospect) but what a DUMP.

A couple of bands that might jog some more memories


DAVE GILMORE showed up one Sunday with a band ( can't remember their name) Sunday nights were free to get in & we only paid them 5 pounds. They were a new unknown group that Gilmore was big friends with. A local radio station got wind that Gilmore was there & broadcast it , Gilmore was really pissed off.
(on behalf of) Graham Crompton

- Tue Jul 23 13:24:40 BST 2013 from


Great site bought back so many great memories, I was there every night from the day it opened to closing.

One very special memory November 3 1973 , B Auger Oblivion Express were to play, I went down town to the Palace to see Neil Young with the Eagles as support band (YEP THE EAGLES SUPPORTING) at the Palace.
While I was there the lead guitarist for B Auger got busted by the drug squad before they even went on stage. (If anyone remembers the DS used to wait just outside the double doors leading into the main hall and grab anyone stupid enough to walk around there smoking a joint) I had to go and bail him out so he could get on stage at 11.

On another occasion we had a rental car from Salford vans that we were using to put up posters for the next weekends bands . Had the posters in the trunk and a bucket of wall a paper paste and we would drive all around town slapping them up on billboards. The next day Chris & I with 2 young ladies stopped in at the place we rented our sound equipment from. Upon leaving that place we were driving down Oxford St when we were surrounded by cop cars and police bikes. They drag us down to police head quarters , it turned out that the sound place guys were suspected heroin dealers . So we are looking out of an upstairs window and the very smartly dressed detectives are searching the boot, one even gets in it.... Oh well he gets out just covered in wall paper paste . We just pissed our selves... no drugs found no problem your free to go.
(on behalf of) Graham Crompton

- Tue Jul 23 13:24:07 BST 2013 from

I used to go to the Stoneground back in the early 70's. I was in a back patch club called Dragons M.C. back then and for many years later. I was never known for my good sense in those days along with the rest of the club.. :) I remember the beer fights the fist fights and some great music and people. Who was that beautiful blonde girl in that white dress who used to dance alone on the floor every week? Cant remember her name but I remember she always got my attention..she got a lot of people's attention... I remember her dancing to Pink Floyd's One of These Days one night and it is still fixated in my mind's eye. I rode BSA A65 and A10 choppers with huge apehangers. I remember I once rode my chop straight up the steps and into the foyer... I got on well with the doormen and management there and they knew me well so it didnt ruffle too many feathers... :) I remember the night that Golden Earring played there I ended up totally out of my tree and was so blind I somehow ended up falling off my bike right outside the doors of the club... the doormen lifted my bike off me and I managed to get back on and find my way home...Looking through some of the posts here..I do remember Skippy's bike being outside the venue plenty of times and I am sure we must have known each other but time erases good memories... Worst memory I have about the Stoneground was my best mate Hadj was killed on his way home from there. I had missed going there that night and he had gone there to meet me. When he found out I wasnt going to be there he got on his chop and set off to meet up with us all at the Spreadeagle Pub in Ashton Under Lyne...some guy in a car swerved in front of him at a roadworks and Hadj ended up dead... So all my great memories of the stoneground have a bittersweet ring to them... but it was a great place to go back then!.. Cheers, Animal, Dragons M.C. North West.
Roy Fallon

- Fri Jul 19 17:47:21 BST 2013 from
Can anyone remember if ike and Tina turner play here in the late 60 early 70 .

- Sat Jul 6 00:39:03 BST 2013 from
Expanding on my previous brief comment: I only visited Stoneground once. Luckily I have kept a diary from 1974 onwards. The entry for Wednesday 5th June 1974 tells me that the Groundhogs played a much better gig than last time (wherever that was!) They played Cherry Red, Split parts 1 & 3, Junkman, A year in the Life and Soldier. Thanks to Steve W. for finding this site for me!
Steve S.

- Mon Apr 8 18:15:25 BST 2013 from
5th June 1974 Groundhogs
steve s.

- Sat Apr 6 11:12:51 BST 2013 from
i used to go Stoneground in the early 70s, first time when i was 15.. was there anyone in there over 18? ha! i remember a huge staircase and dropping my bottle of Newcastle Brown going down and the bouncer telling me i should drink something smaller.. i saw Golden Earring & Phil Collins (was it Genesis?) playing 'Over the Garden Wall'. My mate pierced my ear with an earring sharpened on a match box during that song - still hasn't healed! i remember you, Carol Smith [post 17/11/10], you were a Vision! with your spray-on satin pants tucked into knee-high platform boots, your long hair & weird arm/leg dancing! a guy once told me i was the best dancer on the dancefloor, until you came on.. i was gutted! but i was only 15 & you were My Hero! great times. lotsa drugs & a long walk back to Ashton afterwards..

- Sun Feb 10 13:40:37 GMT 2013 from
Well, this brings back memories..... the biggest one being that I saw Prince Far I and the Arabs... the drummer was an amazing singer. In fact the whole evening was amazing from seeing the equipment being set up and the quality of the sound.Sadly I don't remember the date.

- Tue Nov 27 23:44:45 GMT 2012 from
commander cody appeared at the stoneground around april/may 1973 charlie fish

- Tue Sep 11 12:22:14 BST 2012 from
I remember seeing The Groundhogs play (I think it was between September 1973 and June 1974). The atmosphere was great - the club had a great feel to it. Best wishes for the website.
Fr Timothy Gorham

- Fri Jun 22 11:45:30 BST 2012 from
You out there John Smith?
Jack B

- Thu May 10 20:14:45 BST 2012 from
Well I went to the M.A site but can't seem to make any comments on there. Dot is on freinds R.U. have spoken to her on there not long back. Dave Evans ... drank himself to death. Hya Bob Card. Bez? Rollo? DD? Harry Sweeney? I won the fastest joint rolling contest in the arms I'll have ou know ... not long after my life went beyond the acceptable sane and sensible for a whileand boy did I mostly enjoy it. Just a boring old middle aged fart now ... sixty next year!!!!

- Thu May 10 20:12:34 BST 2012 from
"i got very drunk in the manchester arms in stockport"
Manchester Arms

- Mon May 7 18:47:17 BST 2012
i worked at stoneground as dj /advertising ican't remember the exact dates but i think it only lasted about 6 months but i remember the place was a hole!...but a great one. great group of reople "most nights you could hardly call it a crowd"the most memorable nights for me were the commander cody /gary moore/man & home gigs. i have attached two of the many flyers i designed and printed "on the printing machine at my full time job at the aa" bob lee
bob lee
cheadle hulme,
- Mon May 7 11:53:37 BST 2012
Jack Bramhall.

- Tue Apr 10 23:44:40 BST 2012
I remember one night being refused entry so I went back to my car got in it and roared up the steps and demanded to be let in. After screaming at me to move the car they said if I moved it they'd let me in ... and they did for free. Bill Machin ... so drunk he was getting really annoying ... happened often ... he fell on the floor and we grabbed him arms and legs do the bumps style ... swung him a couple of times and chucked him behind a row of seats ... turned round and theres the plain clothes looking at us! Another night Bill left the club and reversed his car with his front bumber catching those little handles on the side of the bonnet of a Triumph Herald ... if you know what a Triumph Herald looked like you'll know what I mean ... maybe you owned the Triumph Herald and wondered all these years ... well it was like this ... Bill is bladdered and his bumper catches the latches and he pulls the front right off the Herald!!!! We all fell into his car and went roaring off!!! Most of us are still alive to this day by some means fair or foul. Ahhh the memories ....
Jack Bramhall.

- Tue Apr 10 23:32:18 BST 2012
My memory of Leo Sayer playing there was half way through his first number people started throwing pint pots and tables at him ... or was that the acid? I'm sure it happened but ... memories of those nights are a bit wishy washy. Used to get drunk and high in the Manchester Arms Stockport before going on to Stoneground and driving there with people in the boot of the car arms and legs hanging out of windows etc. I seem to remember the membership card saying ... stoneDground. Would get absolutely blasddered and then drive back home again!!! Loads did it. Remember Edgar Broughton climbing scaffolding at the side of the stage. As for the Hells Angels ... anyone remember Hoppy ... the one legged twenty five stone biker (Billy Hopkins) from Stockport? He was my cousin so I was a protected species when I fell into their tables and stuff. Harry Sweeny passing out in the bogs and having to be rescued by the old bill the next morning. He couldn't go out of the bogs cos of the guard dogs roaming lose. Hid a kilo in the toilet system then started screamiong out the little window twenty feet up ... HELP!!!!! Would love it if anyone has any photos of Hoppy.
Jack Bramhall

- Tue Apr 10 22:25:16 BST 2012
my friends and l had brilliant nights out in Stoneground. Great times, and l still love live music. we used to go to the Uni Students Union, the Umist and the Poly as well. We definitely saw Nazareth, Golden Earring, Edgar Broughton Alex Harvey and loads of others and it was only �1 in! I only wish I'd seen Can - we see Damo Suzuki about once a year in various clubs improvising with different bands. l remember seeing Judas Priest and heard they were from Stoke so asked them for a lift home to Alderley Edge as they were passing via the A34. In 1974 we were hitch-hiking to Manchester Poly to see the Heavy Metal Kids and a big Bentley stopped and these guys asked if we wanted to go to a party and we said no. They said they were staying at the Pinewood in Handforth and were in Wings. so they ended up taking us to the Poly and everyone was shocked as it was Denny Laine and Jimmy McCulloch. Gary Holten was pretty shocked to see them and it was a good night. We went away for the summer and l think Stoneground closed soon after. shame. l still love places like that. Cheers!
Carol Coltrane

Alderley Edge,

- Fri Feb 24 23:36:43 GMT 2012
Hi Alan, I've added email contact links, use these or maybe upload to Facebook page. cheers Ian
Ian Admin

- Mon Jan 30 10:36:16 GMT 2012
I was a roadie for the band Ellis with Steve and Zoot Money, and we played the Stoneground in Jan 73 after our booking in Dec 72 was cancelled due to some issues with the promoter. We used the time off to hire our gear to our pals Vinegar Joe who's equipment was stuck somewhere in Europe! Regarding the Stoneground gig my diary reads: 'No support act, and the band arrived late (which happened often), much snow on the way, and bad vibes in the dressing room resulted in a very good set from the band and a good sound all around.' That's often how it was - the energy level was always high after a row or two and various other hassles. On the way back to London our Mercedes truck skidded on the M6 near Birmingham and we spun around at least twice and ended up crossing all the lanes before hitting the barriers at the side of the motorway facing backwards - amazing how we didn't hit any other vehicles and no major damage done! Great fun and I miss those days! Interesting site - now I can see what a great venue it really was - thanks for posting. AG PS: I have a clipping of an advert for the gig - how can I email it to you?
Alan G.

Los Angeles,

- Sat Jan 28 20:44:57 GMT 2012
Sorry- that should read Pete SAFRAS. A senior moment! Darrol
Darrol Edwards


- Mon Dec 12 12:24:26 GMT 2011
Forgot to say an enormous 'thank you' to Ian for going to the trouble of setting up this site. Also to Graham, Viv, Suzanne and Barbara from the Stoneground gang. Also 'Yeti' a sound guy/roadie/helper [ Tony] who came up with me from the Budgie and ,in fact also did the sound system years later for me at The Venue, Victoria. Also thanks to Pete Sampras who I met recently after 40yrs. He was a stalwart at the Budgie and has his own label devoted to prog-rock from that era. Audio Archives/ Downer-rock. Saw a reformed Cressida gig in Camden with him two weeks ago. Amazing! Darrol
Darrol Edwards


- Mon Dec 12 12:21:32 GMT 2011
great stuff Darrol

Conrad : "The Pink Fairies (?)" definitely - see photos

Ian Admin

- Mon Dec 12 10:08:20 GMT 2011
A few memories coming back- Throwing out Leo Sayer when the band were doing the sound check. Didn't recognise him - well why would I? Dr Hook starting heavy drinking in the sfternoon before gig, during gig, and on through till dawn. The health and safety friendly blow heater the size of a jet engine. Yes, ice on the drum kit. Answering Mr Plod's questions regarding the mysterious case of the missing dustbin lids in the Gorton area the morning after Alex Harvey played the greatest gig ever. Waiting with great expectation for the chart topping Thunderclap Newman and being pissed off when only two guys turned up [ That WAS the band]. Tony Wilson [of future Factory fame] talking through the night about his obsession with the Occult and Alastair Crowley. The stammering DJ, 'Jock', [ Martin ]who came up from the Growling Budgie Club - I met him by chance years later in the City. He was brilliant at maths and after working in a betting shop,gravitated to working in a City Bank! No wonder the ecomomy's screwed, by the time he'd blurted out his buying orders, they would have doubled in price. Too many more, but will add them as the mists of distant past start to clear. Darrol


- Sun Dec 11 23:52:09 GMT 2011
I remember seeing 3 bands at the Stoneground - The Pink Fairies (?), Horslips & Leo Sayer - no idea what date though unfirtunately.


- Sun Dec 11 02:20:20 GMT 2011
yay ! Excellent - get back and tell us more. Trying to remember how long ago I set this page up on one bored dinnertime after previously sticking up the Pink Fairies photos. Ah, 4th August 2004 according to an old email! Whatever - great to have you aboard, many thanks for some fine times. (Apparently including Tangerine Dream at York Minster !)
Ian the admin bloke

- Tue Dec 6 12:59:43 GMT 2011
Just seen this site and have just picked myself up. Will add more content after a few large drinks and a day or two recovery period. ' I was that man' seems to be the phrase that buzzes around what is left of my brain. For my sins I took over The Stoneground whilst also running The Growling Budgie club in London, then moved up permanently. The manager and backbone of the club was Graham ' Where are you'? and together with my then wife Pamela, who was brilliant, and a couple of Alsations we had a blast. Thank you to all for your comments, which are generally very warm [ time helps] and bless all who struggled through beer sodden carpets, smelly loos, and ate the dogfood. Cheers also to Paul Nash and all who contributed to this site. I did, in fact, go on to set up the Tangerine Dream Cathedral Tour and Vangellis at the Albert Hall [ Loos were a bit better ], join Virgin, and opened the Venue , a Virgin rock venue in Victoria. BUT- NOTHING will ever compere to the magic of the Stoneground era. Darrol
Darrol Edwards


- Mon Dec 5 23:01:06 GMT 2011
Wow, great site and great idea. I remember lots of the nights we attended Stoneground. We too went into the Imperial where we played a few hands of three card brag with amongst others an off duty policeman. Best night was Commander Cody, I still love listening to their live album, but boy did they attract an interesting audience. The memory of the angels comes to mind, I accidentally nudged one, it was after all very crowded, I was careful to apologise most profusely. One of the girls I was seeing at the time had a couple of friends/sisters who I understood to be ahem entertaining members of Stealers Wheel who appeared there. I seem to remember your could get some form of "supper" there pies or hotpot can't quite remember. Happy but long ago days now.


- Sun Dec 4 19:50:08 GMT 2011
I use to go to Stoneground too on a bus from Hyde.I saw Leo Sayer and Vinegar Joe but use to go for the Rock music every week. Me and my mates use to go in to the Imperial pub first and have a few pints of Red Barrell yuk. The land lord and land lady at that time were elderly and very nice and never asked our age even though we must have looked it. I remember the lady Carol who has wrote on this site who had long blonde hair she was gorgeous and I think she used to dance to 'Yours is no Disgrace' by Yes amongst other things. They were good times and we never got in to any bother.
Derek Robinson


- Tue Nov 15 09:37:08 GMT 2011
I believe those fabulous Celtic rockers played at Stoneground on at least 3 occassions. The dates they played were 10th October 1973, 25th January 1974 and 17 May 1974. I went to at least two of these gigs and were amazed by the band. Great site !

- Mon Oct 10 15:37:54 BST 2011
Saw Alex Harvey at the Stoneground in 73 when I was 15, managed to sneak away from the house and get in. Still remains one of the best gigs I ever went to. Remember it like it was yesterday. That night was the cause of me developing a severe rock and roll habit. Couldn't get home after so had to ring my dad who came in the Vauxhall Viva in his pajamas to pick us up. Happy days!!


- Wed Aug 31 20:22:50 BST 2011
god, hard to remember. very drunk (and stoned). my friend Gary Marsh and i used to walk (wobble) back to his house in hyde after the gigs. the sticky floor, the three legged settee, the plastic glasses, the motorbike in the entrance. all the great people and great bands. silverhead. hawkwind. daryl way's wolf. edgar broughton. leo sayer. dr hook. i think sunday night was a disco at one time. there was a staircase as you went in the main door. down the right of them was the way into the main room. a small seating area to the left. a long bar down the right hand side of the room then the d.j's booth on a small stage. the main stage for the band was only inches high. behind the stage to the right was the very smelly gents toilets. i do remember alot of the manchester "angels" were regulars. especially the one with the firemans axe in his belt. i knocked some drinks out of his hands by accident. he bought me a scotch as i had gone white with fear. when silverhead was on i remember micheal des barres jumping off one of the pa cabs onto my friend gary's sister....she seemed to enjoy it. i am sure more will come back to me. great times.. great people..great bands..even greater place.. steve lally.
steve lally

offerton, stockport,

- Mon Jul 18 23:49:29 BST 2011
The support band for Gentle Giant was Wild Turkey on the 1973 date. I also remember seeing The Pretty Things headline one night , just can't remember when !
Peter Fairclough


- Mon Apr 25 17:34:45 BST 2011
How fantastic, a website to Stoneground. Leo Sayer did play there, the guy who played the banjo at the gig asked me out, so that's how I remember. John Martyn played there several times too, often so stoned that he was more than an hour late to play. Golden Earring also played there, when Radar Love was in the charts. I was the girl with the long blond hair who had yellow boots and used to dance before anyone else got up on the floor. Very trippy times. Sadly my dancing days are over. I remember a guy called Roger Evans who used to wear very showy gear, and his girlfriend who always wore a ponyskin coat. I big hi to all the lovely folks who went there and made it such a fantastic place to be.
Carole Smith


- Wed Nov 17 16:01:31 GMT 2010
In reply to Peter Hood,Leo Sayer definitely did play the Stoneground as he became famous!! I remember having the TV on a a couple of weeks before he played and Leo Sayer was on TOTP with "I Won't Let The Show Go On" high in the charts,Later that night I went down to SG and was talking to Darryl about it and the fact that we had an act on a Sat Night that was very hih in the charts. On the night Leo Sayer played I got to SG about 6.00 and the queue was already stretching down the road,Darryl asked me to go down the line and ask a few friends if they could help out. My sister and her then boyfriend ended up helping out in the cloakroom, I was helping out on security at the front along with a few other friends. Another act people may not be aware of being booked was "Cockney Rebel", a similar thing happened with them in that they were booked to play SG, they charted with "Judy Teen",in their case Darryl managed to switch the gig to "The Hardrock" in Stretford. I worked on that gig as well, we were supposed to have a drink with them after the gig at the Post House in Northenden where they were staying, but arrived there and there was a meeting going on, we were sent a round of drinks down, and the next day found out that Steve Harley had split the band up that night. I have many more fond memories of SG and the Manchester scene in the early 70's as I mentioned a year or so ago it is just a matter of finding time to write them all down
Paul Nash

- Sun Aug 8 00:16:49 GMT 2010
Just drove past where it used to be today, by accident as I was looking for a battery place. First time I've though about it for years. What an amazing time I had there. Leo Sayer didn't show up, it was just as he got famous. It was advertised but definatly didn't occur! However I do remember Vinegar Joe- A stunning night with I assume Elkie Brookes on vocals! Gong at least twice with that slide show with the teapots! Mick Abrams was another good night, but as with everyone else its all a bit blurry for obvious reasons! WE used to go the Mersey Tavern in STockport then head up to Stoneground, twice a week when they ran the extra nights. Ha! The floor!! Remember the floor! You stuck to it and it made a noise with every step! Happy Times! Peter
Peter Hood

Heaton Mersey,

- Thu Jul 22 21:37:25 GMT 2010
just found photo of fire from Chris at Ozit

Ian Admin

- Wed Jun 9 10:12:25 GMT 2010
pub is still there
(The Imperial - Google Street View )

- Tue Feb 16 13:58:02 GMT 2010
great site brought back a lot of happy memories. kevin coyne did walk around the stage with a shoe on his head. have some pictures of the gig.he put the shoe on is head when he started to sing mad man blues. brewers droop had a few pints with them in the pub across the road from stoneground.think it was called the imperial. had some cracking nights in there. regards , the doc
the doc


- Tue Feb 16 00:52:11 GMT 2010
Amazing just fell onto this website. Stoneground! what a blast from the past. use to go regular and remember Arthur Brown, Alex Harvey (also played the Hardrock around the same time) and funnuly enough Leo Sayer. We had to walk home back to Failsworth coz we couldnt afford a taxi and no buses. but it was ok coz we were stoned ha!


- Tue Oct 13 12:23:21 GMT 2009
"web site about Seventies free festivals" - locally the splendid Deeply Vale events - the site probably this one :
Ian - the bloke codging this page together
Low Bentham,

- Fri Jul 31 09:36:32 GMT 2009
Hi Having haunted The Twisted Wheel in the Sixties I then moved on to the Magic Village and Stoneground when I gre my hair and started riding big motorcycles with silly high handlebars and mad exhausts. Loved to see the photo of Skippy's bike - wish I had photos of the Norton Domi chop I had back then. There's a great web site about Seventies free festivals, which I found very useful for reminding me where I was and when. Cheers, Steven
Steven Myatt

- Thu Jul 30 15:26:14 GMT 2009
Just seen your site ' great stuff! I went there fairly regularly but my memories of the Stoneground are very vague for a number of reasons. I used to go there with my mates Mike (now living in Oz), Chris and Phil.

Memories include Chris being completely wrecked, eating a plate of beans and then throwing them up under the table. Budgie's drummer smashing one of his cymbals so hard it flew off the stand and landed on us in the front row. We just handed it back and they carried on playing! I remember one Friday night we went to see a band at the Free Trade(can't remember who), then went to Salford University to see ELO and then to Stoneground to catch the end of East of Eden ' three gigs in one night!

I'm sure that somewhere I've got my membership card but I've just had a quick look and can't find it. I'll have a more extensive search over the next few days.


John Hughes

i know who the support band was for the Pink Fairies - it was myself pete sherburne and my band "pearl" from Preston Lancs. the drummer is a guy called keith Gardener .I just clicked on your site looking for gigs at the stoneground that we played many times. pleasantly suprised .

thanks pete.

Hi there
sorry can't give you any dates (was pretty stoned in those days, lived in a bedsit in Heaton Moor) went to Stoneground a lot, here's a few of the bands I remember seeing there :- Edgar Broughton Band more than once (always excellent), Osibisa (wow), Stray (an old personal favourite),also saw Amon Duul II, I know you already listed them but they were awesome, kicking out mind blowing bass that seemed to ripple the floor, I had an ear problem for weeks after, man it was worth it. Can't think of any more bands right now but if I do then I'll let you know.So good to see Stoneground remembered


Just had a look at your website, which I read with great interest. If its at all relevant, I was the bassplayer with a band called 'Savory Duck' who supported Caravan at Stoneground on the 18th August 1973.

Back in 2003, Some of the original members got together & recorded a cd, which features two tracks from 'Ducks' live set back then:


Pete Willsher.

I remember going to see Stray with two friends back in the early 70's. Must have been the Nov 72 gig. The Stoneground was an old theatre appropriately standing alone in the middle of a load of rubble, or so it seemed! My friends and I used to get to Stray gigs early to feed the roadies milk and Jaffa Cakes in return for (usually) getting in free. We got there early this time and I remember mice running across the stage as they were setting up (the roadie that is). We stayed in a B&B at Ardwick Green.

Ah, happy daze.

I just saw this site and I went often to Stoneground around 1972/73/74. I remember seeing The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - who were truly sensational and probably the best show that I saw there but sorry i have no idea of date let alone year other than it was probably '73. I also saw, amongst many other bands, Sutherland brothers and Quiver/ Stray/Brewer's Droop / Arthur Brown and if I am correct I am sure I saw Hawkwind there with Stacia the stripper and believe it or not I actually think Leo Sayer played there too - or has my memory really screwed up. Anyway wherever I saw him play he was not a popular choice.
It was such a fantastically weird place or so it seemed to me at 16!

There used to be funny guy outside called Tony who sold hotdogs, he was always there making jokes and bad hotdogs. And inside Stoneground there was a food counter that sold either chili or curry that I used to eat until the day my friend and i saw a door open in the kitchen and inside it was stacked high with lots of cans of Lassie Meaty Chunks. They either had a lot of dogs or were doing some creative cooking!!!

The other thing i remember is always having black, sooty nostrils after any evening there. It was so smoky and dirty that I am sure nowadays the health inspectors would close it down in a minute!

I live in Nepal now where I have been for the last 14 years and it is a fantastically bizarre place to live but I like to think places like Stoneground started off my love of the unusual!

Anyway lots of fun memories from Stoneground and I hope lots more people add their comments. Other places I remember too at that time that were great for hanging out were UMIST.

Ailsa Colston

Hia Tractor played at Stoneground at least twice I am fairly sure it was a Saturday in 1973 the first time

I am still their manager and the band still do occasional two piece psychedelic concerts with the original John Peel dandelion records two piece line up.

I also saw Gong there and I know the bloke who ran it was called Darryl was an ex nuclear physicist and live in the old cinema office with two alsation dogs

my websites,,,,

good luck with the site

Chris Hewitt


I was the second person to become a member at Stoneground with my friend Graeme, sadly killed in a motorbike accident, just beating me to number one.

Ailsa's memory was not too screwed up as Leo Sayer played Stoneground twice, once before his first single broke and once after. The first gig was not very succesful. however the Stoneground management ofered him a second booking. "The Show Must Go On" was a hit in the UK charts by then and there were queuing round the block to get in.

The band I was working as a roadie for supported Vinegar Joe (Elkie Brooks and Robert Palmer) the week before The Sensatinal Alex Harvey Band gig. I made the booking over the phone and had a choice between the two weeks, at the time I had not heard of SAHB so I went for Vinegar Joe. I cant remember the date but the band, which had many names over the years, was probably called Lucifer's Graveyard.

Some of my best times in my late teens were spent at Stoneground, except the night when I lost a tooth in a fight, I say a fight however it was mostly one-sided as the guy hitting me was also strangling my friend Arthur at the same time with the other hand!

I was always a fan of Morpeheus Lights and wonder if they continued in the entertainment lighting field, I am now a lighting designer and always admired their imagination.

Unfortunatly all my Stoneground memorabilia was thrown out by my mother and it has been interesting to see the pics on the site.

The two bands I remember most were The Average White Band and SAHB. The loudest band playing to the smallest crowd must have been Golden Earring who had hired the Who's quadraphonic PA for the tour and played to a "crowd" of about 25.

My other favourite venues at the time were UMIST SU, Manchester Uni SU and the Poly SU.

Mark Thurston

Hi, Amazed to see a website (of sorts) devoted to that wonderful institution, The Stoneground!

I'd forgotten about the membership card, and lost mine many years ago.

I was a fairly regular visitor and due to my vast drug intake at the time can only remember certain things.

I remember seeing Caravan play on a few occasions and the mighty Horslips as well. Did one of their roadies accidentally set fire to his clogs on the Tain tour?

Arthur Brown with that telephone on his head and Tim Blake of Gong having a strop by kicking his synth stack down and storming off. And Steve Hillage wearing a suit the material showing either pound notes or fivers...

"Jesus" was often to be seen their in his white flowing robes and pudding-bowl haircut, and I also remember the guy outside selling hamburgers "Allright our kid" was a favourite phrase of his.

The bar area was on the right I seem to recall and enjoyed a drink with the members of Horslips on one occasion.

I also recall the place being so bloody cold, in fact didn't ice form on the drum kit of one support band - were they called Strider?

Great to see other's memories of the place, and pissed off that I had missed so many great acts - Steamhammer being one I would have LOVED!

Great, great times........

Dave Midgley

This answers the mystery of the dogfood curry as reported by a contributor who say stacks of Lassie meaty chunks through the open kitchen door. He said he stopped eating the curry after that. But another contributor says the promoter or manager lived in the office with 2 Alsations. Well dogs like that get through a lot of Lassie, I expect he bought it in wholesale and had it delivered to the premises along with other foods

Keith Mitchell

Hi,I used to go to Stoneground all the time and Graham the manager used to share a house with me and my friend in Hazel Grove. I have many crazy memories of there including very close encounters with quite a few band members! I also remember five of us being chased across the building site opposite after a gig by some crazy Glaswegian who had a brick in one hand and a broken bottle in the other. Luckily the security guards managed to stop him while we ran into a cab and when I looked back he was running behind the cab. Ah,happy days!


Well G'Day, Skippy here,

well thats wot they use to call me when i lived in manchester back in the 60's & 70's StoneGround, remember it well, i was a often stoned imaculate there.

Skippy's chopper Back then i was a motorcycle mechanic at Derick Johnsons manchester then motor cycle center stockport. Stoneground was straight opposite the speedway entrance. My mate big Mick from Reddish use to work the door (Be great to catch up Mick), I often use to give him a lift in and home, he used to watch the bike out the front for me and sometimes we'd stay late having drinks with the band, because i was micks lift home.

I think the managers name was Graham, i always remember the black lights just after you went in always a good sign to see wihich of the loveleys had dandruff or not. The bar was on the right, and the DJ just a little on just before the dance floor. We used to sit just round the corner up the back with Big Al, he used to build springer front ends down at levenshume, just round the corner from sivories cafe, also remember the hells angels and the coffin cheaters use to get in there.

Certainly was some great bands back then, Sensational Alex Harvey Band ,(who i just recently seen here in australia) Pinkfairies, Groundhogs, Leo sayer, (wot a clown), necter and many more, but it was a long time ago, oh! yes and the dj always finished off with Lou Reed's walk on the wild side.

Had my worst bike accident ever, leaving stonground on my way home to Reddish some dick brain decided to turn in front of me into belle vue st , well, 2 months in hospital with concushion. Great days though, wouldnt change them for Quids. We also use to go to waves and jillys, lots of fun back then, happy days .

Regards...................Johnny Mees (Skippy)


Hi there

It's good to see the internet is useful for something,namely this website. My mate Andy Sharrocks,now a country singer,says we saw Leo sayer at the Stoneground and others confirm he was on. I think I saw Silverhead and a Spanish flamenco rock group called Carmen.Is this possible?

Did John Ormerod,later famous as John the Postman,turn up one night with some mates all dressed up as droogs from the Clockwork Orange?Or did I dream it ?

I was eighteen at the time but am now somewhat out of my teenage years.Later I progressed to Rafters in Oxford street. Did anyone else go down the same route? I'd love to get in touch.

Thanks for the website

Mark Hartley

Brilliant site man.

Saw Amon Duul 2 at the Stoneground and they were superb, must of played four or five encores. They were up at the back before the gig eating "Sossages" and talking to Dozy from Bury. Everyone thought they were the roadies/crew. The band had been refused two tours prior to this as they wern't members of the musicians union. Smashing gig .

I well remember Jesus and what about Aunties Kitchen (on a side street next to the town hall in Manchester center. I don't think there was live music but the disco was entirely rock, Floyd, King Crimson, Zep, Amon Duul 2, et al. This stayed open til 2am and your admittance included a supper ticket for a burger or similar) and did anyone ever find "WALLY"

Going back to the AD2 concert, I taped it on my first ever cassette recorder,the sound was very rough and inconsistant with the batteries running out. I've an idea I bought the player the previous weekend and the tape would of been the only blank I had. Long gone I'm afraid although I still kick myself as modern technology may have corrected it.

Rock On - Tony from Kendal

I have just come off the phone from an old friend and drinking partner who I have not seen for years and he mentioned your site.

Back in the early 70's we virtually lived there and I certainly have fond many memories of the club. I used to help out (unpaid) at the Stonedground or Stoneground, whichever name you prefer to use and later went on to be a roadie and then DJ at the originally Jilly's (Gore St) near Piccadilly Stn as well as several other clubs

No one as yet appears to have mentioned "The Heavy Metal Kids" who had the late Gary Holten on vocals who later found fame as Wayne in Auf Weidersehen Pet .

A few days before they played the club, it was the venue for the University "Rag Stag" night which was about 20 strippers one after another, one came on to "Silver Machine", later got talking to Graham and came back with her friend on the Sat night when the "Kids" were on and did an impromptu show on the side stage and then appeared on stage with the "Kids"!

Other bands I have not seen mentioned who definitely played are Dr Hook, (I'll tell a story about that when I have time) Jon Hiseman's Tempest and Robin Trower (I went to see him at The Academy a few months ago).

A few other characters people may remember are Ron Evans wife Barbara (both of whom dressed Bowie style) Ronnie (aka as King Midas), Jock the Scottish DJ who had a stammer except when he was on the mike and Viv and Barbara who worked on the bar.

I actually returned to the building in the early 80's (I think it was) and DJ'd one night when they had a rock band on (I think it was Ange but not 100% sure) and I don't think the place had changed (or even been cleaned!!) much since the old days.

Are you still in touch with Graham? I know that Darryl worked for Virgin for some time after the club closed, I met up with him by chance a few years later and he had a band recording at Strawberry studios in Stockport

When I have a little bit more time I'll jot down and send some more memories.

All the best

Paul Nash

As far as I recall Dr Hook substituted for a band that had cancelled and it was their first ever gig in England. My memory was that they turned the gig into one hell of a party and would not get off. Cannot remember the end either,

Nice to see so many old friends on the site, especialy those overseas. Would be nice to see some photoes, as all of mine were destroyed in a flood.

Take care you all,

Andy P.

Just stumbled on your website as I typed "Stoneground" into my computer and was fascinated to see all the details of bands who had played there. I played there myself in the early seventies .I was bass player for a band called "Regeneration" and we supported the excellent Edgar Broughton Band. The odd thing that sticks in my mind is that one of their very young roadies distinguished himself by coming in to the dressing room and carrying out two guitar cases but unfortunately didn't think to check that they were in fact closed , with the disastrous consequence that a very valuable Gibson Les Paul fell clean out of its case and hit the floor..... whoops!!! The air turned very blue as the poor unfortunate lad received a real ear bashing from a more experienced colleague.I remember thinking "Rather you than me" . I think we just got paid expenses and as we had travelled up from Bedfordshire it was totally uneconomic,such is life! I am still involved in music and write and record my own material mainly on acoustic guitar.

My website is

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